Title:  T8 AUV Technology and Application Basics.

Presenters: Brian Kieft.

Brian Kieft has been a software engineer on various platforms including mooring controllers, benthic instruments, and several AUVs and their associated payloads. Brian currently works on development of the Tethys AUV – a long range, upper water column  AUV designed primarily for biological sensing. Apart from development, Brian also takes part in mission planning, and payload integration for ongoing collaborative field programs and engineering tests.

Duration: 1/2 day in the afternoon (13:00 to 16:30).

Description: AUV Application Basics is a short course that provides an overview of current AUV technologies and operations. The objective is to establish a basic understanding of what currently available AUV systems can provide for oceanographic applications.

The attendee will gain basic understanding of AUV types, technologies, terminology, and navigation techniques, including discussion of the comparative strengths of AUVs and alternative methods of data collection. The attendee will also be provided an understanding of tradeoffs in AUV operations, including power estimation, endurance considerations, and mission structure to acquire the desired data sets. Key points are illustrated by applications and results from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute’s (MBARI) Dorado AUV and Tethys AUV operations. Topics include: Basic AUV technology, AUV at-sea Operation, Payload Considerations, Mission Planning, Upper and Mid-Water AUV missions, Benthic and Mapping AUV missions, Data Collection and Reduction, AUV Integration into Sampling Networks, and a look at coming AUV advances. The interactive format, using the materials provided, allows the attendee discussion time for relevance and demonstration purposes regarding real or potential AUV plans.

Target Audience:  This tutorial is aimed at scientists and engineers interested in understanding AUV Technology and application.

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