Presentation Specifications for the OCEANS’17 conference at the AECC, Aberdeen


All presentations, as per the specifications below, should be uploaded on to the computer located at the speaker ready room well before the presentation slot (preferably, day before the presentation). The presentation file name should include the presenting author’s surname and abstract number (and session title if file name length permits). AECC staff/volunteers will be available to help you upload the files. Please check the compatibility of your full presentation with the AECC computers. You may send your presentation in advance via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (

Oral (regular) presentation slots are for 20 minutes. Normally, this would include 15 min talk and 5 min Q&A.


At the AECC the standard PowerPoint version is 2016 and we use Windows 10 as the operating system on our computers. PowerPoint or Keynote presentations created on an Apple Macintosh computer must be saved as a PC compatible PowerPoint format file (.pptx) and it is advisable to try the presentation on a PC prior to attending the conference.


When choosing fonts for your presentation, please ensure that Microsoft Office supports them. If a non-standard font is used within a presentation, this will result in a substitute font being inserted by PowerPoint.


The display resolution of the data projectors will be in a 4:3 ratio,16:9 ratio will be displayed in a letterbox output within the screen. Graphics, tables and text should be of sufficient size to be clearly visible at a distance. Large amounts of information should be split over several slides.


Please ensure any audio/video files that are part of the PowerPoint presentation are saved as separate files on the memory stick, CD or DVD along with the presentation.

Connecting your device to the AECC Guest Network

You must ensure that your device (USB, Laptop etc.) is free of Virus’s and your Anti-Virus is up to date. SMG T/A AECC cannot be held responsible if your device becomes infected while connected to our network.

Sending your presentation prior to the event

You can send your presentation by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., there is a maximum file size limit of 20mb.

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